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The Pentawards
The Pentawards have just announced their 2009 winners. Ten packaging designs were awarded ‘Best of Show’, these ten designs represent a wide range of categories, brands and products. We think they’re rippers – so we’ve reproduced them below.

Pentawards are the only worldwide competition exclusively devoted to recognizing outstanding packaging design in all its forms, open to entrants from all countries. The 2009 Pentawards were judged by an international jury including: Gérard Caron (Chairman), France; Michael Aidan, France; Oleg Beriev, Russia; Stanley Church, USA; Mark Cowan, Australia; Bruce Duckworth, UK; Brian Houck, USA; Noji Nobuto, Japan; Adrian Pierini, Argentina; Olof ten Hoorn, Nederland; Jennifer Tsai, Taiwan; Lars Wallentin, Switzerland; and Adrian Whitefoord, UK.

Enjoy the brand design inspiration,

David Ansett, Brandamentalist.
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Kleenex, Slice of Summer
Designer: Kimberley-Clark
Illustrator: Hiroko Sanders
Country: USA



Brand: Coca-Cola – Summer 2009 Packaging
Entrant: Turner Duckworth: London & San Francisco
Country: UK & USA


Brand: Kanpyo Udon
Entrant: Nosigner
Country: Japan


Brand: Living Proof – No Frizz
Entrant: Wolff Olins
Country: USA



Brand: Petrocoll – Spatula Putty
Entrant: Mouse Graphics
Country: Greece


Brand: Pernod Ricard – L’Or de Martell
Entrant: Dragon Rouge
Country: France


Brand: Isklar
Entrant: Blue Marlin Brand Design
Country: UK


Brand: 12 Inches
Entrant: War Design
Country: Australia


Brand: Beast Eye
Country: Japan


Brand: Nelson Beer
Entrant: The Taboo Group
Country: Australia

For more Pentaward winners check the competition web site.


  1. Odette Waanders

    When will beauty be more than skip deep in the packaging world? When will it embrace the imperatives of reducing a footprint on the environment? Yeah, some of the designs are great but they are still covering up a lot of future trash. The truly beautiful packaging materials are ones that are minimal, environmentally friendly and let the essential ingredients of what we need stand on their merit. Aren’t you infuriated when you need to remove all the un-necessary packaging of a product and bin it. Be beautiful without creating trash. That’s the design challenge for the 21st century isn’t it!

  2. Great comment Odette. We do tend to get carried away by aesthetic and brand personality – but as you say, what about the brands that choose to combine making a statement about themselves, with making a statement about their responsibility to be sustainable? Thanks for the refreshing thought.

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