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Over a quite chat and a few beers in the studio we started talking about the creative thought process. A few off centered jokes later and the like, we started down the path of symbolism. Objects find their way into the realm of pop culture in many ways. These symbols become accepted as representing certain thoughts, ideas, personalities and/or feelings.

Eventually, the chat turned into something quite different, how about creating a brand that would represent a day of the week? As you are probably aware each day has a different feeling and personality. So, just to stretch the mind a bit, I thought we could engage in a little shared project and see what we come up with. Open to anyone who wants to join in, a bit of fun, light, creative thinking. The goal is to create a brand that represents each day of the week. As there is a group of us doing it I will make changes that you suggest, or you can have a go yourself. I am thinking it will be like a visual brainstorm.

So, lets start. I am going to start with an (relatively) easy one… Monday. And for Monday we are going to go with the classic Garfield Monday. A fairly somber day, drag your feet, lots of coffee sort of thing. I have heard reports that it is the day most heart attacks take place. It is the beginning of the week (western world at least), while that is not bad news for everyone, I think a cliché Monday is a good place to start.

Then there is the translation of Monday, which is moon day. So, the first contribution is going to be a moon shape. I would like to add the color blue, as Monday it often referred to as Blue Monday.


But this completely ignores the emotional side of Monday… Also, there is, typography, imagery and visual style to think of…

And from The Cure’s Friday I am in Love, a bit of written inspiration.

I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Monday you can fall apart
I don’t care if Monday’s black
Monday you can hold your head

You can email me here with any suggestions and thoughts or just post them up in the comments.

Happy Monday!

Lachlan McDougall

Here are some ideas that have been sent to me. Keep them coming!

This was sent in by Jody.
Thanks Jody.

Monday Swear

These little beauties where sent in by Elissa Porritt from Cowgril Marketing. Elissa wrote to me and said.

“I love this idea.

The blue moon is apt. Further to the it…..

To many, Monday is the start, the opening, the cracking of the egg and the day of promise….”starting Monday I will….”. Think about a school kid returning after weekends or holidays – that slightly sick feeling of nervous excitement.
I wonder if we need a small view into the future from the moon. Some symbol of the unknown or not-yet-complete ahead. The moon is very passive on its own.  Could there be a window into the unknown / a crack in its surface to represent some of the feelings of stress / determination.
Take or leave comments as you wish please.”
Thank you very much Elissa.
It’s all coming along nicely.
CollectionThese images were sent in by Matt, Kieran and the last 2 from Marsha. Thanks for your thoughts. I particular like the comic symbols coming from Dr Blackbeard. So, I have worked these up, incorporating some of symbols with the cracked moon. Feel free to have a go yourself.
Moon-blue Cracked plus blackbeard


  1. Ahhh, Mondays are the pits. I would like to add #%*&?‡! (one symbol for each letter, and an explanation point for the end)

    I have emailed you one I prepared earlier.

    Great idea this, But, I can’t help wondering if is a case of “too many cooks spoil the broth” or “two minds are better than one.”

    Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  2. Lachlan,
    I sent you an image that I believe accurately portrays my typical Monday. On a Monday morning, I wake up, hit the snooze button on my alarm and then that is EXACTLY how I feel.
    It’s all looking good, keep it up.

  3. Lachlan,
    I found a few images that show the usual feelings of a monday, don’t know whether you want to use them but it thought I’d send them to you anyway. You might be able to find some way to use them. By the way, I love the cracked moon looks amazing.
    Good job.

  4. Funny you know Lachie, I often think about days in this light and ever since I can remember they don’t seem have changed that much in my mind. A question for you all out there though, how do you feel on Mondays when you’re not at work? I was recently in Bali and Mondays were great!

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