Recycling Brandmarks – Why Not

You may be right in thinking Melbourne has a love affair with the letter ‘M’. Not sure whether Sydney has the same feeling towards the letter ‘S’. Regardless, in this age of recycling how about we start a movement in Melbourne where organisations wishing to jump on board the ‘M’ wagon be required to use one of the discarded ‘M’s’ floating around the place.

We are not sure what MTR, our new train operators, paid to have their ‘M’ created for the newly branded train network, Metro Trains Melbourne, but we do have a custom built alternative that may have been available cheap.

We went through the very same exercise in 2001 for the National Express Group, who were operating Melbourne’s Swanston Trams and Bayside Trains. Yes , in a fit of imagination we came up with the letter ‘M’ (surprise, surprise) and rebranded the train and tram operations to M>Train and M>Tram.

Recycling Brandmarks

But as you would expect to operate a profitable transport system you need more than a great big ‘M’. In a little over 12 months from the rebranding, National Express spat the dummy, packed their bags and retreated back to the UK in December 2002. So anyone in the need of a ‘M’ feel free to contact us as we have some hardly used M’s – driven only to church on a Sunday, and when you throw in all the cancellations that is not a lot of use!

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

M_Train M_Tram

Recycling Brandmarks

Recycling Brandmarks

Recycling Brandmarks

Recycling Brandmarks


  1. I’m into recycling, but I’m not sure about this one. The bigger question I have is why we need a brand for the trains and another one for the trams, and yet more for the buses, then there’s another for the new ticket system, and don’t even ask me what the whole Metlink thing is about. Maybe instead of recycling we could bury all of these in the compost pile and just go with one logo to cover our whole transport system.

  2. Hi Brand scientist
    I think your article stinks. Just because its another M, doesn’t been its been recycled from M train. Infact if you are going down that route, why not say its been inspired by McDonalds? Or countless other ‘M’ brand around the world? Using an M for a brandmark? Yes its been done before…

    I love it, its so iconic, and about time Melbourne got a bit design savvy.

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