5 tips for creating a unique urban brand experience

Using the streetscape as a form of media to engage with your target audience can be very effective and at the same time lift the spirits of our fellow urban dwellers. Here are 5 tips on how to make your efforts at seizing this blank canvas and making it work in your favour.

1/ Keep it S-I-M-P-L-E
A simple idea can often be the best and most affordable way to create a brand awareness.
A great example of a simple idea is seen with the ‘Craig’ A4 posters that were mysteriously posted up allover the Windsor area in Melbourne. Although this not an original idea by Craig,
( Todd Lamb of NYC seems to be Craig’s source of inspiration) the idea is simple, low cost, and creates a real sense of entertaining and intriguing mystery for the viewer, who is Craig?

Unique Urban Brand Experience - Graig

Unique Urban Brand Experience - Graig

Unique Urban Brand Experience - Graig

Unique Urban Brand Experience - Graig

To view more of Craigs work

2/ Jam it full of personality
Personality and confidence are the fundamentals with urban brand experiences. It is important to amp it up when grabbing the attention of the passerby. You only get a couple of seconds in the street to hold your audience. A great example of this was a A4 poster that was posted up in Albert Park Village in Melbourne.

Unique urban brand experience - blue sunglasses

3/ Find a niche, make it yours
A unique and creative idea that people have never seen before can create such as buzz and excitement. People talk about anything new, fun or mysterious. The more creative the brand experience the better. A great example of this is the graffiti artist Space Invaders who pastes up little space invaders around the world and here in Melbourne. It is truly unique and the artists message is one of total mystery.

space invaders

4/ Be engaging
A great way for brands to to interact with new possible customers is to create a brand extension that is truly engaging. A great example of this is what we have done with Urban Workout. We created a unique urban brand experience, apples hanging from a tree on a footpath, a free, healthy snack with a message, that rang true with the brand and engaged the local community and got them talking.

Unique Urban Brand Experience - Urban Workout

5/ Accessibility
It is extremely important that a unique urban brand experience is accessible to the public. It has value because you’re giving the general public permission to interact with your brand in a way that is essentially out of your control. By making the experience accessible, a community is created through brand interaction. A great example of this is a Hopscotch campaign we did for Urban Workout. It got people engaged, the result was more membership sign-ups for Urban Workout. It lead people right to their door.

Unique Urban Brand Experiences - Urban Workout

There are blank canvasses all around us that can become a unique urban brand experience,
all we need to do is serve up a little bit of imagination and we can transform them into a powerful communication medium for our own use. If you need help with pumping up your brands urban presence, give us a call.

Tim Wood
Creative Genius


  1. Simple but with the “aargh that’s clever’ factor. These are wonderful examples of communications inspired purely around environment – they satisfy a true need and reward my attention as well. We all need to throw away the limited list of communications we sit with at our desk and GET OUT INTO THE CONSUMERS WORLD.I wonder how many communicataion channels are out there just waiting to be discovered?

  2. What I love about this article is that all the examples are relevant for businesses of any size. So many of the examples you see of experiential marketing is for big brands with big budgets. I found this blog on the net this morning with some awesome video examples of this type of urban brand experience: http://is.gd/4Za8n

  3. Timmy a great read and I’ve actually seen the Craig posters myself and interestingly when you stop and read them you find that a small crowd tends to gather around – mission accomplished. The space invaders unique idea is fantastic and the website is great. My mind is racing to see what other blank canvasses are out there.

  4. Great post and I can actally testify to points 4 & 5 because I am the founder and co-owner of Urban Workout. The campaigns have done exactly what we wanted them to do for our brand and, more importantly, have attracted new members to the studio.

    The team at Storm/Brand DNA are all creative geniuses and I hope to work with them for as long as I am in business, actually, make that as long as I am alive!

    Jo Woods

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