8 Ways to Kill a Creative Idea

From the mind of Illustrator Scott Campbell.
As creative director of a brand strategy and brand design agency, one of my most critical functions is to protect the fragile spark of creative ideas, nurture them through initial client introductions and assist clients to recognise the long term value to their brands.

This challenge faced by all brand agencies, graphic design studios, illustrators and photographers has been beautifully, poetically and elegantly illustrated by US designer illustrator Scott Campbell in his ‘8 Ways to Kill a Creative Idea’:



Here’s an opportunity for challenger brands and businesses with small brand communication budgets. By embracing creative ideas and letting them shine, your brand has the potential to cut-through and connect with your market as your competitors take a more conservative route to market.

If you’d like to explore the creative potential of your brand to connect truly and deeply with your customers, why not give us a call.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist.
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