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BRWcoverBRW’s Annual Top 50 Entertainers
The most recent issue of BRW in Australia features the top 50 local entertainers listed by earnings for the year. Quoted throughout the feature was our Talent Inc! personal brand report, with our very own Mark Richards (sic) providing the rich commentary.

“The concept of marketing stars as brands has taken some entertainers’ popularity to new levels. Entertainers are increasing their earning power by creating their own personal brands. While the notion of people as brands has existed for years, it now focuses on celebrities’ entire lives – from who they sleep with, to who they vote for – rather than just their professional achievements. For instance, the earning potential of a sports star is now impacted by their sporting ability and performance as well as their public persona. For film stars, you’re no longer dealing with just a person’s screen presence, as was the case with old movie stars.”

The Top 10 Australian Personal Brands for 2009

01. Kylie Minogue
02. Elle McPherson
03. Shane Warne
04. Dame Edna Everage
05. Greg Norman
06. Steve Irwin
07. Hugh Jackman
08. Nicole Kidman
09. Kevin Rudd
10. Dick Smith

Whether you’re a high profile superstar looking to boost your personal brand power or a brand owner looking to build your brand’s equity, we’d be more than happy to have a chat with you about unlocking the magic.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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