A Brand for the person who is hard to buy for!


We love where our office is located in South Melbourne. Interesting cafés, pubs, restaurants, shopping  and a great market. We share the district with a lot of other creative businesses and a lot of brothels. Someone on the team mentioned that they heard a discussion on the radio recently  that said South Melbourne had something like 39 brothels. They are dotted every where and to most of us we simply ‘see no evil, do no evil’. They are present on the one hand and invisible on the other.
So in this taxing (from an imaginative and financial perspective) gift giving season we thought it was a touch of genius by a near by brothel, the Melbourne Colosseum, to take some of the mystique out of their value proposition. In every market price is an important variable in the value equation, so why not put out a board with prices clearly communicating the price of sex. I mean there are many in the advertising game who say that sex sells, but not many actually know what sex sells for! But then again what are those long lunches all about?

Now I must say we could not find any promotional material from the Melbourne Colosseum touting Gift Vouchers, but we thought it may be of assistance to those shopping for the person who is hard to buy for to know what it would cost to give them something very different. It is a scary thought, certainly not politically correct, but it would give you bragging rights over Christmas lunch. And we all know when it comes to brand experiences bragging rights are important.
Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

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