All for a good cause – the Grill’d brand

Over the past month ‘Mo Bros’ around the world have been growing facial hair to support men’s health while raising awareness of prostate cancer and depression.

Since its humble beginnings in 2004, when only 262 Mo Bros’ registered, the annual Movember campaign has been a huge success raising over AUS$60 million globally.
This year more corporate sponsors have got in on the act with Heinz’s ‘The Big Red Movember’ tomato sauce, Krispy Kreme’s ‘Moughnut’ and Grill’d Burgers who helped
feed those hungry Mo-growers for free.



Every day it gets more difficult for brands to reach their target market and companies must create new strategies to connect with consumers like never before. One of the more successful strategies is for brands to associate themselves with a popular and relevant cause.

Grill’d’s strategy was to support all the Mo Bros’ who raised $25 or more, rewarding them with delicious, free ‘made with love’ burgers. Over 13 days during Movember, they fed 11,000 ‘Mo Bros’, donating over $350,000 worth of burgers to the cause. It was a smart move for the Grill’d brand to align themselves with a powerful brand like Movember, who connect with a shared target market. It is a complimentary brand partnership. Not only did Grill’d align their brand to a cause and raise the profile of Movember, they cemented their own brand as socially responsible.

Cause branding is an effective strategy to establish emotional relationships with your target market. The Grill’d and Movember partnership has differentiated Grill’d from their competitors and positively impacted their brand.

As a designer working in a brand agency in Melbourne, I admire Grill’d for aligning itself with such a worthy cause. As a chick who can’t grow a ‘mo’ I watched my hairy lipped workmates munching on their free Grill’d burgers through Movember with much envy.

If you’d like to talk to us about identifying the right cause with which to align your brand or anything else brand-related, why not give us a call.

Cassandra Gill, Design Director.


  1. As a Mo Bro, I loved the Grill’d cross promotion. Great burgers for a great cause. There’s a natural fit and symmetry between the two brands, that makes the promotion a real boon for both. Plus I loved the ‘tash parade everyday after lunch at our local Grill’d in South Melbourne, it was hilarious.

  2. I think importantly Grill’d was not trying to say anything new about its brand – It already created burgers with love – it was aligning itself prefectly to a cause that would allow it to reach a broader audience and enhance its brand – I have to say the burgers were a more enjoyable part of Movember than growing the Mo – which disappeared Dec 1 – can’t waut for Movember 2010.

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