Apple's New Tablet – A Sneak Peak at the Future

Finally it’s Here.
After much anticipation fueled by rumors, half press releases, leaks and on-line buzz, the Apple iPad was released overnight our time. To update this blog which was written last year looking at predictions of what the new Apple Tablet would look like, we’ve added some pics of the real thing. Interesting to compare the real deal with the guess-work of the images below:

And the Original Article…

Is this what the Future of Personal Computing looks like?
As the release of the Apple Tablet approaches, the buzz of the rumor-mill and on-line grape-vine has reached an almost deafening level. Steve Jobs is said to be ‘very happy’ with the product. Reports on the web that the latest in the Mac line will be called ‘iSlate’ are supported by leaked trademark application and URL registrations by Apple for that name.

12 Conceptual iSlate Renderings
The web is packed with every conceivable rumour and prediction of the new tablet, including it’s design. Sites such as and have even been running competitions to predict the design of the iSlate. Suggested designs range from oversized iPhones to cross-breed nano/mac books and almost every variation in-between from the credible to the incredible. As we’ve watched the design guessing-game accelerate, we’ve been collecting our favorites, and here they are.













At Storm Design & Brand DNA we have a mantra; ‘The only way to predict the future is to create it.’ We believe Apple to be a brand that brings that philosophy to life in all that it does. If you’d like to talk to us about creating the future for your brand, why not give us a call.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. You’re right Mal, most of these do follow a pattern set by the iPhone. The thing we know about Apple is they’re big on creating something that looks nothing like the previous points of reference – that’s part of how they build such a great level of anticipation for new products. They’re a great example of a design-led business. Can’t wait to see what the iSlate looks like.

  2. You reckon you can’t wait for the iSlate Dave – BRING IT ON! Mal you do make a good point about the shape it will certainly be interesting to see what Apple bring to the fore this time around. On another note, it really does make you wonder what we’ll be using in say 20 or 30 years time doesn’t it?

  3. …and the renders that were done last year actually look much better than the real thing…

    @david – what do you think about the iPad now that it’s turned out to be “generally flat, rectangular and wafer thin” copy of existing products?

  4. Ben, You’re right – is this a case of the anticipation out-stripping the eventual reality?
    I reserve my judgment on the iPad coming from the perspective of ‘I can’t see it being as world changing as either the iPhone or the iPod.’

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