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Mission Impossible
Could there be a more difficult market segment for brands to differentiate themselves than water. On the surface it would seem to be brand mission impossible, but over the last fifteen years we’ve seen water become a hotly contested market place. In this time we’ve seen an evolution from water brands battling on the purity of their product both sparkling and still based on geographic heritage, then water brands positioning around brand personality, and most recently the launch of a new category of Vitamin waters.

Another Bloody Water
A new competitor launched into the fray a few years ago with the apt brand name of ‘Another Bloody Water.’ Launching with a brand strategy that included a bold brand personality and the lovable brand personality attribute of being able to laugh at itself and the market it belongs to, Another Bloody water successfully grabbed a share of the retail bottled water market.

Another Bloody Water

Challenging the marketplace
What makes this brand stand-out though is more than just a name that challenges the status quot of the market. Another Bloody Water know what it means to be a challenger brand, entering a market with a number of daunting players already in-place. The very brand DNA of Another Bloody Water is coded with a challenger mentality. From the name, to the brand voice, to the way they take their product to market, Another Bloody Water seeks to stand out from the bottled water pack.

Banging-on About Blank Canvases
And that’s where blank canvases come-in. We’ve written about blank canvases before, we’ve been banging-on about them for months, and here’s a brand who intuitively understands their value. For a business like Another Bloody Water who will never have the marketing budget to compete head-on with the big brands in their space, blank canvases provide them the opportunity to make a splash, stand out and cut through.

When Another Bloody Water deliver their product they don’t use a bog-standard truck, they don’t even use a truck with their corporate image painted on its side. Like all else about the brand, when it comes to their delivery truck, Another Bloody Water have thought beyond the expected to the remarkable.



Watching the Grass Grow
The Another Bloody Water delivery trucks are covered from head to wheel-arch in fake turf with the brand name mowed-right into the sides. Simple enough an idea – but they’re often the best ideas after-all. The result is quite remarkable. Having come-across these trucks on their delivery rounds, they stand-out as a wonderfully entertaining break from the usual city traffic. There’s something compelling about the site of ‘fresh green grass’ that seems to somehow underscore the purity of the water – without either making any such statement or obeying the laws of logic.

As a creative brand agency, we salute Another Bloody Water and the mindset that’s enabled them to build such a remarkable brand presence through smart strategy rather than big spending. If you’d like to find out how your brand can take the same approach to success, why not get in touch – we’d love to have a conversation.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. Jonathan Geach

    Water – yeah its a saturated market all right, the strategies seem to be:

    – be a national brand (Welsh Water, Swedish water or a localised brand)

    – stick a mountain on the label

    – be a sports water

    – just be cheap water

    – be a very posh premium European water (too late, positions filled)

    So coming into this market the brief if actually quite simple; do something to really stand out and carve out a little niche. Presumably you’ve seen the musical hamsters for the Drench water brand?

    It’s an example of advertising led product branding: plus its a bit of a laugh.

    They used “auditions” to great effect in a pre-release of the ad thru media relations:

    The spot was put together by a small modern ad agency that is conversant across media and blurs the old fashioned line between advertising, marketing and PR sectors.

    Here’s a dodgy voxpops of consumers on the street on what they thought of the ad/brand:

    The idea of creating a stand out item in a saturated market like bottled water is interesting and could be done without the flash in the pan and expensive media buy for a limited run advertising concept, although I’m sure it more than paid for itself there’s probably a better way of grabbing a bit of the market.

    Like the Another Bloody Water brand, its funny, simple and stands out and they probably don’t throw around a lot of money on media and hamster wranglers.

  2. Jonathan, Nice summary of the Water Market. It must have amazing margins to attract so many players into the crowded space. I checked out Chi and the ads – great brand personality. Funny thing about water though – apart from quenching my thirst, I’m not sure I can believe it’ll add an extra zing to my life in any way that something like a soft drink or energy drink might.

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