The Apple Tablet – A Snapshot of Social Sentiment

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As the rumor-mill turns into a tidal wave of anticipation for Apple’s new tablet, we take a snapshot of what’s being discussed, tweeted and mentioned on the social networks and blog sites. A glance at the Social Sentiment word cloud below shows the on-line universe abuzz with the rumored product name of ‘iSlate’ following a leak onto the net of URL and trademark registrations by Apple for that name. As always, it’s the interesting reading is between the lines (literally) – the smaller words often tell the story of current sentiment – and the further you look, the more intriguing the narrative. Click on the wordcloud pic to see a larger version.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. I love the forensic nature of word clouds – and they are a great tool for getting to the attributes and values of a brand – they unlock common and recurring sentiments or aspirations that are being subconsciously expressed.

    Here we might just have an example of what the design community would like the new Apple to be.

  2. Mal, you’re right – part of what I like about taking a snapshot of social sentiment is that it’s typically dominated by a group with an active interest. I love that the word ‘Magic’ is present – how many brands can boast that?

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