Top 100+ Volkswagens – VWCV Day of the Volkswagen 2009


A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the VWCV Day of the Volkswagen 2009 meet.
It was great to see so many different cars and people at the event. Celebrating 60 years of the Volkswagen Kombi, there was huge support from the Kombi community.

Being a brand creative genius, I especially loved the event because it reinforced how one brand
can be so accessible to so many people. Volkswagen meaning the ‘Peoples Car’ in German, was definitely that on the day. Connecting with the Volkswagen brand, people had their own cars with
their own personality.

The things I loved about the event, it showed;

1/ The deep love affair that a lot of people have with the Volkswagen brand,

2/ That the Volkswagen Beetle, Kombi and Type 3 are the cars of choice Volkswagen enthusiasts choose to creatively showcase their own personalities on – and from the shots that follow you certainly see personality oozing out form every mug guard.

3/ When you love a brand there is no substitute for immersing yourself in it and rubbing shoulders with other brand fanatics,


4/ That my 1962 VW Beetle isn’t in too bad of condition compared to some Beetles out there.

This being my first Day of the Volkswagen event, I cannot wait until next year. To all the VW Beetle drivers out there, I’ll give you a wave when I pass you by.

Tim Wood
Creative Genius

Take a look at the day below. I hope to see you there next year.

Type 3 – All class

Type-3-Top 100 Volkswagens

Punch buggy – No returns

Beetle-Power_1-Top 100 Volkswagens
Beetle-Power1-Top 100 Volkswagens
Beetle-Power-Top 100 Volkswagens
Beetle-Power_2-Top 100 Volkswagens

The Kombi Van

Kombi1-Top 100 Volkswagens
Kombi_2-Top 100 Volkswagens

The Kombi – Celebrating 60 years of mayhem

The-Year-of-the-Kombi_1-Top 100 Volkswagens
The-Year-of-the-Kombi_1-Top 100 Volkswagens


  1. I’m a big fan of brand obsession. Here’s an example of how it plays out in such a rich way for the people in the VW Lovers tribe. They called the VW the people’s car – this looks like the people’s car brand.

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