Brand Gesture – Pura Light Start

For the last 6 or 7 weeks leading into the Christmas break the Pura Light Start milk brand were running an interesting campaign each Friday in the Melbourne Age newspaper. The brand has the positioning line…’taste the good life’ and the campaign has been built around a neat little brand gesture of publishing a lift out titled the The Good Life Guide – a dozen different interesting things you could choose to do in or around Melbourne on the weekend. They always provide a good mix of sedate and active suggestions, something for everybody.

Pura Banner

It is a gesture that serves to communicate the brand proposition of Pura Light Start Milk and at the same time add enjoyment to the lives of those who choose to participate in the activities. Personally, as a form of brand communication, it has struck a chord with me. I have to declare that normally I would choose to ignore Milk brand ads, particularly light varieties. Give me full cream Milk. Give me full strength beer. Don’t tell me about your light varieties! But Pura Light Start has cut through my defenses by communicating to me in a relevant and interesting way. I am now at least aware of the brand, even if I am not a consumer at this stage (my waist line may eventually lead me to also purchasing the product!). They have also communicated in a way that builds on their brand visual properties, with their lift out standing out, dressed up strongly in the yellow colour of Pura Light Start’s packaging. Pura has built an awareness of their Light Start brand in my world by simply providing a ‘taste of the good life’.


Now, while I am banging on about the good life, I must say that a number of suggested activities in The Age summer guide also caught my attention. If you are getting bored over the summer, check these out:

Bike Polo (regular polo minus the horses – think car parks and other urban spaces and some agility on a bike).

Flight Simulator (play the role of a Boeing 737 pilot in an authentic replica cockpit, taking off, flying and landing). The beauty is you do not need to drive out to the Melbourne Airport, simply drop into the Flight Experience shop at shop 9 QV Square, cnr of Swanston and Londsdale Street Melbourne.

Rap Jumping (think of Superman like acts, forward abseiling down a six storey building). Find the building at 344 City Road, Southbank. Call the guys on 1800 243 868 and enjoy three jumps for $65.

Ah, a taste of the good life, summer in Melbourne.

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist


  1. Peter, I’ve been noticing these ads for weeks – both the wrap-around format and the colour make them really stand out. So nice for a brand to think about offering something useful rather than just telling us about their milk.

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