G Star – A 5 Star Brand Experience

Fashion is one of those things that’s in our lives everyday and I must admit I don’t mind my fashion nor fashion brands, especially when one is so on brand and the experience you get (brand and all) is so memorable! Which label I hear you ask? G-Star!

Aside from the G-Star corporate image being so powerful and recognisable, the whole experience you get from the moment you walk into a store to the moment you walk out with your new purchases is just magical.


Allow me to go into more detail.

Being a registered G-Star database member I receive electronic newsletters monthly and a while ago I found a pair of jeans on one of these newsletters that I new I just had to have. So first things first I called the Chapel Street concept store run by Denim Enterprises and gave the sales person the serial number of the jeans, they had them in stock so I requested that they be put aside for collection at a later date. The sales person then asked my name, contact number and of course size – they were now mine all bar the obligatory hand over of the credit card.

The sales person then asked when I might like to pick up the new jeans as she would like to be in the store to greet me and make sure I was looked after and received the full G-Star experience. I found this to be quite amazing so I made a time that suited us both and looked forward to what might in fact eventuate.

Upon arriving at the store I went directly to the counter and asked for the sales person by the name I’d been given, and sure enough out from behind one of the modern industrial designed shelves she approached me, held out her hand and introduced herself. Before I knew it my jeans were handed to me ready for trying on, but it wasn’t just one pair, it was two just in case one wasn’t the perfect fit.

I popped into the change room and tried on the size that I had given her over the phone, they weren’t the perfect fit so I tried the other pair on and these in fact were the perfect fit! This is when I realised I was experiencing one of those sensational brand experiences. I asked the sales person some questions about her service and whether anyone shopping at G-Star would receive this type of experience whether they were in Australia or in another store somewhere else the world.

G-Star is a Dutch clothing company with flagship stores in New York City and Amsterdam. Other concept stores can be found in Germany, UK, Spain, Japan and Hong Kong. All the training to deliver this level of brand experience comes from G-Star’s Dutch head quarters. Every store around the world must conform to strict brand guidelines whether it be the shelving set-up, the way garments are hung and folded, and the way the window displays look not to mention the way each customer is treated. The brand is so well engineered that the experience feels both international and also very personal. For global brands in any category, this can be the toughest thing to deliver – Consistency of the precious brand proposition, yet translated to suit a local culture and delivered in-store to create customer relationships like mine at an individual level. Global brands who are unable to customise their experience at a local level will surely be left behind.





If you like to talk to us about developing unique and memorable brand experiences for your customers, why not give us a call.

Dom Guthrie
Brand Manager to the Stars


  1. Oblong Marketing

    Good to see that brands are realising that the retail experience can deliver what advertising cannot – a truly loyal customer. Great customer experience is multilayered as you point out – not just store layout and product but also great staff. And it is a rare thing – which is why we’re always pleasantly surprised when we have a great customer experience.

    Good article. Thanks for highlighting this – will visit the UK store to see if our standards match up!

  2. I’ve gotten an exchange for my pair of jeans after wearing them 3 months as I found out a little faulty detail. I came to the store and they swapped me a brand new one without any question asked, best experience ever 🙂 I love G-Star Raw 😀

  3. Dorothy Martin

    I am part of a group of volunteers that is starting up a new scheme in our neighbourhood in Tucson. One of the community projects that we are going to to start relatates to your blog, and therefor some of the information here is of value for us and I just wanted so say thank you for that.

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