We Love Our Lambassador – The Power of Brand Voice

The Power of Brand Voice
Every brand could do with a spokesman like Big Bad Sam Kekovich – Hell, every country could do with one too. Ex Australian Football player Sam has been promoting Lamb as the fair dinkum Aussie dish for a few years now – and this time he’s taken it to the world. As our unofficial Lambassador, Sam has presented his case for the whole world to celebrate Australia Day this year by coming together to throw a lamb chop on the barbie – and in so-doing has connected-to our sense of National Pride.


Brands that have confidence in who they are and what they wish to stand for, can often do well by establishing a spokesperson to represent the brand. Whilst not without it’s dangers (HELLO TIGER!), the right personality with the right direction can take an ordinary brand message (something like ‘eat more lamb chops’) and transform it into the extraordinary.

As Sam our Lambassador would say: “You know it makes sense.”

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David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. Phil, Sam is a great spokesperson – his style is genuinely unique and has wide appeal. Only problem is as he begins to leverage that style across more brands (I saw another ad campaign featuring him yesterday) his brand appeal lessons.

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