Delivery Trucks – from Blank Canvas to Brand Design

We Love a Good Blank Canvas
As a brand agency, there’s not much we love more than a great blank brand canvas that’s been spotted and transformed into a glowing gesture of brand communication. When we talk to our clients (and anyone else who’ll listen) about sharpening their brand strategy,  we are always big-on identifying the blank canvases that provide the opportunity to leverage your brand in remarkable ways.

We Love a Good Delivery Truck
Whilst there’s nothing new about well branded delivery trucks, there are still few examples of these moving billboards being used as canvases for brand expression. The cost to transform even a single delivery truck for a small business into a bold brand gesture is minimal, yet the investment in creative brand expression has the potential for grand pay-off.

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The Phoenix is Rising
Driving to a meeting this morning I passed the Phoenix Organics‘ delivery truck. Actually I passed many delivery trucks, multiple fleet cars, and numerous company vans  – but the point is I only noticed one – and the pointiest bit of the point is I only remembered one. And that of course was the Phoenix Organics‘ delivery truck. Phoenix is a brand with personality and the confidence to express themselves – their bottle caps cheekily chirp ‘Think Before You Drink’. Most importantly, Phoenix is not a brand trying to be many things to many people, and in brand communication, this focus and clarity provides great advantage in the marketplace.

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Every Business has a Bunch of Blank Canvases
Every business, no matter what location, size or market has blank canvases that are unique. The trick is to spot them.

I recommend setting aside an hour to list each and every brand touch point for your business, whether that be where your brand touches your clients or customers, your staff or your suppliers. Examples of brand touch points include: Your web site, delivery truck, brochures, ads, store interior, signage, office interior, staff uniforms, etc. etc. and etc. These are all the places where your brand touches the people who are responsible for your businesses success.

Once you have your list, look at the way you deliver each of the brand touches:
• Are there different places you could advertise where your target market can find you and where your competition is not?
• Is your delivery van or staff car a driving billboard?
• Does your office or store have any physical opportunities to promote what you do?
• Have you introduced your product or services to influential media, bloggers or locals for them to fall in love with?

Some business people are wired to identify the blank canvases for their brands. It’s as if they see the world through brand canvas tinted glasses. Carolyn Cresswell from Carmen’s Fine Foods, Kristina Karlsen from Kikki-K, Naomi Simson from Red Balloon Days, and Virgin’s Richard Branson are all naturals when it comes to spotting and leveraging blank brand canvases.

Your challenge is to learn how to see the blank canvases for your business and its brand so that you’re ready and able to spot the opportunities whenever and wherever they arise.

If you’d like to come have a chat with us about identifying your brand’s the blank canvases, why not get in touch? We’d love to show you how it’s done.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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