Coming Soon – adidas' Augmented Reality Shoes

Your Shoe will be the game Controller
adidas Originals is launching the first Augmented Reality experience in footwear. The adidas Originals AR Game Pack is a set of 5 shoes, each printed with an AR code on the tongue. When you hold the code in front of your webcam, you’ll gain access to a virtual version of the adidas Originals Neighborhood. Each month between February and April, they’ll launch a new interactive game within the Neighborhood and your shoe will be the game controller. The experience launches next week on February 10th at Future Face of Brand Communications
As brands continue to explore new territories and new ways to create unique experiences for their customers, augmented reality provides  an option to create something right out of the box. For those brands who live in the ‘new experience’ neighborhood, augmented reality provides a rich channel to explore.

via TheTable NZ
via lucas Melbourne


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