The Brand Gap, When Ads & the Customer Don't Get Along

When advertising and the Customer Break-Up
When it comes to brands, the old adage of the customer is always right is pretty much spot-on. Maybe it’d be more accurate to say the Customer is never wrong. With traditional ad campaigns no longer connecting with their audience at the same emotional level, it’s time for clients and agencies to say “it’s not you, it’s me” and really mean it. Value Led Thinking
There’s plenty of talk from brands and from ad agencies about the changing marketplace. There are a number of agencies (us amongst them) who are developing and refining brand value led methodologies that are driven by an understanding the needs and wants of the markets. These desires in-turn are translated into brand truths that require innovated products and services to meet them. The products and services once ready for market can then be enhanced by brand imagery and communication that leads the customers to grasp the value the brands offer.

Call it ‘demand first brand innovation’, call it ‘common sense’, or just call it ‘so that’s how you get the girl.’
Sound interesting? Give us a call to discuss how your brand can spice-up its relationship with its nearest and dearest.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. The ultimate a-ha in “so that’s how you get the girl” is to have female creative directors green-lighting work. The 3% representation of women as Creative Directors (at least in U.S. agencies — can’t speak to Australia) contributes to tons of brand break-ups and stockholder heart-ache.

  2. Kat, thanks for your thoughts. The percentage of female creative directors of ad agencies in Australia is similar to the US. When we look at design agencies the ratio is a little better, but still lop-sided. Sometimes the most obvious concepts can seem counter-intuitive.

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