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Creating Experiences

Over the holidays I indulged in a little self expression. The Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn accepted my proposal to stage my first solo exhibition. I wanted to explore convention and human interaction within an art space. The installation was to cover the gallery floor with canvas and then use pigment to write words and draw pictures directly onto the canvas. As people came into the space they would spread the pigment across the floor.

It was interesting to see how people would engage with the artwork. At first, they appeared quite shy of engaging with the artwork, but soon after they would get into it, and it seemed to become quite therapeutic and the viewer would become lost in the pigment, swishing it around with their feet. Part of forcing people to engage with the artwork was about creating an experience. I am very interested in how we can create something that requires the viewer to step outside of their comfort zone and experience what they have been presented with. For this piece it didn’t matter what emotions where felt by the viewer, only that they existed.

We are creative all over, if you would like to talk about creating a unique user experience then get in contact.

Lachlan McDougall

Design Creative and Conceptual Artist


  1. Good old fashioned barefooted fun – I loved the show. I was lucky enough to be there and unlike many exhibitions, the freedom for the audience to be involved with the artist’s work was a wonderful experience. Congratulations Lachlan

  2. Thanks everyone for your support. I had a lot of fun putting on the exhibition. Not sure on when the next exhibition will be, but i’ll keep you updated.
    D4Derek, I will post some photos of the final canvass next week.

    Cheers, Lachlan

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