Goodbye Bush – Hello Remarkable Ad

Working for a creative brand agency I’ve always valued remarkable advertising and marketing. One particular stand-out for me was Veet’sGoodbye Bush” ad that ran as a quarter page in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and Melbourne’s Herald Sun in January 2009. The ad was forwarded in a viral frenzy to family, friends (myself being one of them) and colleagues around the globe, by 3pm the same day had made it’s way back in the in-boxes of staff where the campaign had started – Euro RSCG‘s Sydney office.

So what was it that made this ad so remarkable it created a life of its own?

The answer lies in the genius of ad placement.

The headline “Goodbye Bush” is a great one but if the ad was seen on its own would it have been as powerful or memorable? I have to say no. It’s the position the ad takes in the paper (below the picture of President Obama holding a baby after winning the US Presidential Election) the ad takes on a completely different meaning and I think it’s an absolute ripper!

Rowan Dean, the Executive Creative Director at Euro RSCG’s Sydney office said that “copywriter John Gault and art director Patrycja Lukjanow had the idea before the election, but held their breaths until the best moment” and fair to say that holding their breaths and having the patience was extremely critical, to the point that the brand message made such a big impact and went from being great to truly remarkable!

To me the four simple rules of remarkable brand communication are;
1. Saying the right message
2. To the right audience
3. At the right time
4. In the right medium

It seems simple enough but getting all four right at the same time is where the magic happens.

If you’d like to see your brand turn heads and be the talk of the town (or the globe) through the way it connects with its audience, why not give us a call.

Dominic Guthrie
Client Account Director


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