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London’s aBuzz About ‘Unpackaged
London has long been one of the worlds greatest retail cities – a place where new concepts are launched and sunk every day with barely a ripple to mark their passing. As they say in the classics – ‘If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere…’. Into this buzzing retail landscape, old school food store ‘Unpackaged‘ was quietly launched four years ago as a market stall and over the ensuing years has grown to become a much loved and powerful little retail brand in a charming shop at 42 Amwell Street, London.

Great Brands Are Spoken About
What began with little fanfare has slowly but surely become a full symphony of brand reputation as media and customers alike have gone ‘bonkers’ for the brand. Unpackaged has been featured on BBC Breakfast, BBC London News, Channel 5 News, Capital Radio, BBC Radio London, Radio 4’s PM program, Radio Romania, CBS Weekend News, The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer, The Evening Standard, Style Will Save Us, The Telegraph Magazine, Time Out, The Daily Express, Design Week, Wallpaper.com, Metro, thelondonpaper, The Islington Gazette, The Islington Tribune, Packaging News, The Grocer, Which Magazine and lots of green blogs. Their vintage tea cup candles have been in Vogue and Catherine was voted number 32 in the Observer Food Monthly Top 40 Eco Food Heroes.

Tracking the Tide of Traditional Sentiment
By fortune of timing or stroke of strategic brilliance, Unpackaged has floated to success on a stream of traditional sentiment. In the global brand landscape of the last two years, few trends have been seen as consistently or strongly as a return to embracing old fashioned values. Brands across the spectrum that connect with our sense of a safer, calmer time when life seemed less complicated and more in our control have benefited from a time of vast global uncertainty.

Step into the picture Unpackaged – a store that looks and feels like the corner grocer of our collective childhood, a brand who’s values reflect those of a more grounded mindset and who’s very reason for being seems to bring a sense of calm and peace. In their own words; “We want to make it easy for our customers to do the right thing – the right thing for themselves and for the environment.”

The Visual Language of Brand Design
From the simple, traditional type design of the brand mark to hand-written blackboard on the footpath, every visual expression of the Unpackaged brand has been carefully designed to tell the brand story. The store interior, the theater of the retail space, even the unbranded packaging and merchandise have been sensitively stage managed by the brand designers. The quality of the brand design and the careful attention to design detail turn this traditional concept into a contemporary retail brand experience complete with multiple unique brand properties available to be leveraged to the advantage of the business.

They say great brands are built on great products – differentiated offers that have a unique customer benefit ‘baked-in’. From conception to the very last scrap of hand-lovingly designed execution, Unpackaged is a remarkable example of this brand principle.

If you’d like to have a chat about how to bake greatness into your brand, give us a call – together we can build something as unique as it is successful.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. Reg, I think you can safely say Unpackaged commands a premium pricing in return for the selection of quality produce and the overall retail experience it delivers. A good brand neds to provide for a commercially sustainable outcome as well as an environmental one.

  2. Reading this blog and heading to the website has also taken me back to my childhood – I can clearly remember the corner grocer in Chapel Street, South Yarra growing up and what fun my sister and I had in there, fair to say that’s well and truly gone now! Being born in England I also have a strong bias to these types of stores and the brand presence they have. Thomas Ducks http://www.thomasdux.com.au/ in High Street, Armadale have done it differently and I have to say that Unpacked is literally the ‘ducks nuts’!

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