A Lesson On Old Skool Brand Design

We all love a unique brand expression and I can’t help but acknowledge one of the most remarkable brand expressions I’ve seen in recent times (albeit dating back to the late 1970s) from one of the most iconic and well know fashion brands in the world – Gucci.

The Cadillac Seville, introduced in 1975, was Cadillac’s answer to the rising popularity of luxury imports in the U.S. from Europe, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

In 1979 an agreement with Gucci was made to produce a limited edition “Gucci Seville”. Available in only three colors – white, black, and light brown, the exterior featured many indicators of the Gucci brand. A vinyl top covering only a portion of the roof and featuring the famous Gucci interlocking double “G” fabric pattern, the interlocking “G” on the spoked wheel covers, the famous red and green stripe running across the bottom of the doors, rear panels and boot and again the interlocking double “G” mounted proudly on the front of the bonnet.

Inside, the headrests had the double “G” pattern with the red and green stripe, the door panels also wore the pattern, and the instrument panel displayed the iconic Gucci script above the glovebox and wait for it – inside the boot was a full set of Gucci luggage!

So what makes this brand expression so remarkable and why so Gucci? For me it’s pretty simple, the style, the mood, the feel, the attention to detail and of course the choice of car. Let’s face it what better car could Gucci have chosen in that era? It’s just so Gucci and so on brand! Every day we see your standard delivery vans, trucks and to a degree your moving billboard on the odd Smart Car emblazoned with company logos and brand messages but they’re don’t have that unique something that makes a brand expression remarkable. On the other hand, take for example this brand expression from FHM, whilst certainly not the Gucci Seville at least there has been some consideration in making this brand expression memorable.

To me the three simple rules of a remarkable brand expression are;

1. Finding the right brand message – and it’s got to be remarkable
2. Differentiating yourself from your competitors – say it in a way that stands out and is ultimately memorable
3. Sending the message at the right timemake sure your audience is ready and receptive to what you’ve got to say

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Dominic Guthrie
Client Account Director


  1. Interesting that this was a response to Mercedes etc…overlaying a Cadillac with Gucci say’s ‘I’ve got money’ – but it doesn’t say ‘i’ve got class’ – I wonder who is driving these around today!?

  2. Great blog Dom,
    How hot is this car and how spot on are Gucci?
    I think it’s loaded with class, it’s something Gucci has been doing well for decades.
    I want, I want, I love this – pimp my ride Gucci.

  3. I love the whole concept and only Gucci would have made sure the car says luxury from the inside out. Like being in a penthouse on the road with plenty of room for essential luggage (Gucci of course) and a couple of bottles of Boli! Why didnt they co-brand a champagne?

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