A Canvas for Personal Brand

As a brand strategy and design agency, we spend every day living and breathing brands. Whether we’re working with products or companies on their identity, packaging, brand definition, brand decoding and mapping the competitive brand landscape they work in – we are conscious that each of us also projects our own personal brand.

Everything we do from the clothing we wear, our appearance, our attitudes, the car we drive, the watch we wear, in fact each of the brands we choose to associate with ourselves all blend in to project the image we wish to the outside world to see. Some time ago our founder and creative director David Ansett wrote about personal brand association with two articles on brand mapping – one back in August last year and the other, a more recent one created in December. This is the way we work and in many ways this is the very essence of how brands work.

But as with all things, there are those who take personal branding to the extreme. Feeding that obsession is a German firm called Style Your Garage that creates skins for garage doors that turns the humble garage into a head-turning showcase of personal brand. There’s a door for almost every shape of over-sized ego – the question is, which one best suits yours?

If you’d like to find out how a strategically crafted personal branding strategy can increase your industry exposure, competitive differentiation and opportunities talk to us today.

Dominic Guthrie
Client Account Director


  1. it would be nice to arrive home to a tropical sunset and horizon pool everyday, but the reality of sitting in my car inside a grey garage just wouldn’t feel the same. Imagine a whole street filled with colourful and eccentric garage skins. I’d like the see that!

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