Big Ideas, not Big Budgets are the Best Way to Make a Big Brand Impression

Working in the creative industry (in fact any industry for that matter) the one question that always seems to crop up at the start of any project is “what’s your budget?” Just once we’d love the client to say “hell, I don’t know – whatever it takes”  but those clients and those budgets are few and far between. The ‘budget’ question is not without merit. If we know how much we have to spend (or don’t have to spend) then we can direct our creative juices towards the appropriate solutions. However, sometimes I wonder whether an awareness of budget restricts the creative brainstorm activity.

Every client wants their brand communications to make a splash, create a buzz and ultimately generate sales far beyond the level of investment made. When we think about the campaigns that achieved this end there is a common thread… a big, juicy, creative idea. I was recently digging around some old files on my Macbook Pro and found a few sensational examples showing how a creative, impactful idea can be born out of any budget – big, small or anywhere in between.

A great example of a piece of brand communication at the lower end of the budget scale is this ballet classes advertisement. What a very well crafted and thought out, simple idea that no doubt people would take note of – even if you weren’t into ballet.

We need to be mindful that although the execution of these next ads may not have cost the proverbial bomb, the creative firepower behind them may well have.

A great outdoor campaign for Durex condoms

This moving billboard for FedEx is an absolute beauty!

And how about this one for a zoo in the US?

Throw-in a substantial budget and the big ideas just get bigger.

The famous German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn spanning a freeway to promote FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany

This absolute ripper from the cingular network (now AT&T) in the USA.

And finally, this simple yet effective creative campaign from Bic.

These examples all create enormous impact by delivering a bold brand gesture in an unexpected place and in a unique way. They are about targeted communication and buzz building.The strength of their ideas replaces the need for them to rely on mass media placement and allows them to deliver far more customized messages to specific audiences.
The thing about a great idea is that it makes us all scratch our heads and wonder why we didn’t think of it ourselves.

If you’d like to see your brand communications turn heads, make dollars and be the talk of the town through the way they connect with your market, why not give us a call.

Dominic Guthrie
Client Account Director


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