Brands Designed with Personality Pack a Punch

The Role of Brand Personality
We often talk about the role of design in expressing different personalities for a brand. We work in the space every day, but rarely get the opportunity to really explore the expression of multiple brand personalities for the one product type and the difference that makes to its on-shelf persona. To see just how much difference brand personality and brand proposition can make to a product when communicated through brand design, we recently set ourselves the task to develop five unique, packaging designs based upon and identical product – a range of very delicious natural fruit cordials.

The Method
Brand identity can be many things. For every brand, the mix of elements that make up its identity is unique. Having 5 identical products and creating a different brand personality and brand proposition for each one really begins to highlight the power of brand visual language and how it can evoke different emotions and attract different markets. We began by establishing five simple brand briefs, each with a differentiated market proposition (brand positioning, a brand essence and defined brand personality. For each brief we designed the brand and packaging from the ground up, allowing brand voice and visual language to work harmoniously to deliver strong market messaging and on-shelf positioning loaded with personality. We would like to share the results with you, inviting you to think about how personality and visual language can dramatically change the message that you are sending out, even when the products themselves are all-but identical.

The Outcome
Here is a sneak peek at the outcomes, each brand brief getting a different solution.

Brand Brief 1

Brand Positioning
Hand made, natural ingredients, fresh from the orchard

Brand Essence
A burst of taste from Mother Nature

Brand Personality
Honest, real, wholesome, genuine, cheerful, happy, spirited, lively, passionate

Brand Brief 2

Brand Positioning
Made from the finest ingredients, and exquisite flavors for the sophisticated palette

Brand Essence
The fine art of cordial making

Brand Personality
Imaginative, surprising, artistic, uppercass, sophisticated, glamorous, Charming, smooth

Brand Brief 3

Brand Positioning
Imported, spanish cordial, a fiesta of flavour

Brand Essence
A delicious taste of Spain

Brand personality
Cheerful, warm happy, spirited, cool, lively, passionate, imaginative, unique, artistic

Brand Brief 4

Brand positioning
Fun, playful, fruity bursting with personality – the “Innocent Drinks” of the cordial world

Brand Essence
As much fun as you can have with fruit

Brand Personality
Daring, off-beat, provocative, spirited, cool, lively, outgoing, imaginative, humorous, surprising, fun

Brand Brief 5

Brand positioning
Traditional goodness

Brand Essence
Celebrate nature’s bounty

Brand personality
Wholesome, original, genuine, old-fashion, sentimental, warm, happy, relable, hardworking, trustworthy

I’m sure you’ll agree, the results speak for themselves – five distinctive and differentiated brand propositions, each with a unique feel, each with a premium brand image, each with the identical bottle and product inside. A great demonstration of the role brand personality and brand design can play in differentiating a product and positioning it evocatively to communicate a brand proposition and appeal to a market.

If you would like to talk about how brand personality can make your brand shine, drop us a line.

Lachlan McDougall
Not just a Designer

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    Brands Designed with Personality Pack a Punch…

    Great design experiment showing how different brand personalities can produce such a different look and feel on the same product through their packaging design….

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