Turning Direct Mail into a Magical Brand Experience

Designing Direct Brand Experiences
London designer Aimée Furnival of A Studio for Design has created a series of greetings cards that fold out into miniature gardens, in which the recipient can grow cress. A beautiful idea, beautifully designed – but the final piece provides an insight into so much more. The format for this design is direct mail – targeted messaging, but the creative impact of the idea takes the whole experience to a whole other level.

Imagine if this concept was a promotional marketing execution for a vegetable wholesaler – aimed directly at restaurants and cafes around the country?
Imagine if the concept was part of an integrated PR strategy for a chain of salad bars – aimed directly at food media commentators?
Imagine if this concept was part of a local area marketing and PR campaign for a landscape gardener – aimed directly at local residents and relevant media?
Imagine if this concept was part of a fund raising campaign for a botanical gardens – aimed directly at private benefactors and sold over the counter at their gift shop?

We are big fans of Direct – as we bang-on about regularly in our posts. The targeted nature of this form of communication, combined with the short-run production capabilities of digital print, sparked to life with a great creative idea still has the potential to create unforgettable brand experiences that can deliver a promotional message and build brand equity.

If you’d like to re-discover the forgotten magic of your DM, why not give us a call.

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Postcarden comes on three different designs. Escape to the sanctuary of your Allotment; experience the grandeur of a Botanical garden; or brighten up a drab City landscape. Each setting also comes with a specially commissioned illustration by an inspiring selection of young artists. Each Postcarden set contains the cardboard scene, inner growing tray, packet of cress seeds and step-by-step growing instructions. Postcarden is printed in Wales and uses locally sourced cress seeds and inner-packaging material. The contents come neatly contained in Postcarden’s unique packaging, featuring the exclusive illustration on one side and a postcard-style space for the recipient’s address and sender’s greeting. Sending Postcarden to a loved one in the UK only requires a regular large letter stamp. Postcarden is designed and produced by A Studio For Design, a London-based company with an enthusiasm for creating unique gifts for thoughtful givers. Looking to open up the world of design to a wider audience.

This little beauty was found via on-line style mag Dezeen – one of my favorites.


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