A Star Is Born – The Launch of Truly Deeply

A Star Is Born
Last night marked the official launch of the new brand for our agency. The launch marks the fusing of the brand strategy (Brand DNA) and brand design (Storm Design) sides of our business under a new name and brand identity – Truly Deeply. We held a soiree at in the amazing space of David Bromley – celebrated artist and friend of Truly Deeply with 150 of our closest friends, supporters and clients.

Our rock star designer Lachie, smashin’ it with his band

David Bromley has created a stunning space that truly touches the soul – what better place to re-launch a brand agency called Truly Deeply. We were also able to lure the musical talents of our talented designer (and resident rock star) Lachie, who with his band rocked-us out with a tight, loud set.

The Official Story…
Truly Deeply was born out of the marriage of Storm Design and Brand DNA. After a collaborative relationship (call it dating) for more than a decade, and common ownership for over three years (call it living together), the marriage is now truly deeply consummated, one brand with multiple and significant talents. The creation of Truly Deeply is an exciting and deliberate gesture to fuse the creative, design and brand visual language skills of Storm, to the brand strategic grunt of Brand DNA, so that the depth of our obsession with brands can be communicated in a more compelling and seamless manner. Truly Deeply reflects more than thirty years of combined experience in the brand space but its focus is only on tomorrow. Our desire is to create a brand agency that delivers transformational branding outcomes that significantly enhance a company’s ability to compete and grow.

Here are some pics from the night:

The League of Truly Deeply. Dom, Derek and Cass representing the team with style.


Mel and Yvonne from GXY Search feeling at home among the rock stars and super celebs.


Mark and Martina Richardson, The force behind Forum5 and a rock’n'roll legend at work as well as at home.


Daniel Pollock, Founder & Creative Director of Jane the Agency with the reason he’s not so sparky in the mornings any more.


Actor Nick Farnell, feeling right at home amongst the spotlights and creative head-wear.

If you’d like to find out more about the way we weave brand strategy and brand design to help our clients grow their business, why not get in touch.

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