Baygon Ant Protest – A Sticky Viral Brand Campaign

A Neat Piece of Brand Story Telling
When considering how to promote their insect spray, Baygon in Brazil took a fresh approach. What started as a great TVC campaign idea turned into a genuine guerrilla campaign, which when shot became a viral campaign. Sounds like great return on creative investment for this brand.

Rather than resorting to digital effects, the agency adopted ingenuity. First they created dozens of tiny, postage stamp-sized protest placards with messages such as ‘enough killing!’, ‘stop’, and ‘peace’. The tiny placards were then covered with egg white and sugar and left around the entrance to ants’ nests. The ants then came out and actually picked up the placards, and marched them back to their nest! Voila: a genuine ant demonstration – and no talent fees either. Who-ever said you can’t work with animals wasn’t trying hard enough.

The viral campaign attracted so much interest, there’s even a making of the ad video:

Too smart.

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