Coffee Avenue – A Great Brand Experience on Wheels

A new brand of coffee experience is warming the chilly city of Brussels. Coffee Avenue is a beautifully restored VW that braves the chilly Belgium weather bringing hot drinks on wheels to warm the hearts. What better metaphor can there be for a brand with its proposition ‘baked-in’ – or should that be ‘roasted-in’. A great example of how small brands can be big on personality – creating a compelling reason for customers to flock to them, enjoy the experience and form deep, loyal connections. Check the pics below, all-in-all a wonderfully compelling little brand experience.

coffee avenue, brand design

Love it!

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. RueArchimede

    From the design perspective – cozy & inviting!
    The cutting edge difference comes if the product (like coffee taste, service quality, etc) is as good as the packaging.
    Hopefully it is.

  2. I agree that business success is about having a better than average product/service offering. What I love is the businesses that then leverage above and beyond those standard deliverables to differentiate themselves.

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