Dulux’s Stunning ‘Let’s Colour’ Brand Campaign

Just came across the directors cut of this beautiful campaign for Dulux wall paint by Euro RSCG UK.
How do you raise painting the outside of your house to a spiritually uplifting brand experience?
With a lovely bit of visual brand storytelling.

Grey is out. Gloom is gone. It’s time to live our lives in colour.

The Let’s Colour Project is a worldwide community initiative with one goal in mind, to brighten up the world by transforming grey spaces with vibrant colour. The project, which began in March, has already brought color to the
streets of Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Jodhpur and London. Dulux would like this to be the beginning of a colour movement that spreads to the rest of the globe.

The Global Creative Director of Marketing at Euro RSCG, Fernanda Romano says the idea behind the project was to
“find locations, places around the world, they’re a bit dull, a bit grey.  Let’s engage the local community. We really wanted to get people excited about the effect colour has on you. It was about a spiritual, emotional regeneration.”

The new campaign shows community members from each city painting buildings, schools, streets, parks, and playgrounds in bright colors and livening up the city. The film shot by multi-award winning director Adam Berg
over four weeks is the result of 650 people from all over the world coming together in the name of colour.
Nearly 7000 litres of paint were used in the painting events and close to 500 volunteers took part in the project. It demonstrates how universal colour is.

Let’s Colour Brazil
In Brazil the local community transformed the area of the Lapa stairs by adding shades of blues and purples to grey,
dull walls. These colours were chosen to complemented the red and yellow tiles already on the Lapa stairs.


Let’s Colour France
In France, the Let’s Colour Project added color to a previously grey, dull, highly frequented car park by the local commuter train station that links with the centre of Paris, and added pinks, oranges and purples to a residential building that overlooks a local market.

Let’s Colour London
In London parents, teachers and children transformed the Virginia primary school by adding vibrant colours of yellow, greens, pinks and reds. Yellow is the colour of joy, happiness and fun; and pink with red represent nurture, perfect colour combinations for environments for children.

Let’s Colour India
In India a community square, school, and the main road of Jodhpur (known as the blue city) was painted in shades of blue, purple and pink. The film delves into the relationship the people of India have with colour. The way they embrace it in every facet of their lives is inspiring.

Fernanda says “by showing it and being it rather than telling people to do it, it’s a truer way to invite people
to bring colour into their own home”
. This project based on transforming lifeless spaces into a colourful wonderland is truly inspiring.

If you’d like to talk to some people who spend way too much of their life eating, sleeping, thinking about the role of colour in brands give us a call.

Cassandra Gill
Director of Design.


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