The (almost) Lost Art of Advertising Billboard Painting

Up There – a beautiful documentary film by Malcolm Murray on the disappearing craft of painted advertising signs on high-rise buildings in the big cities of the US. (watch this in full screen if you can).

Spotted on Yimmys Yayo.


  1. Beautiful short film must say it certainly didn’t feel like a commercial for Stella but it makes you have more respect for the brand as they seem to be wanting to save and support this art form. Very nice

  2. Nice Work!! I am a sign painter and I do some wall work.Ive never done anything over three stories. I would love to get some info on Layouts,swing stage rigs,and patterns……………And see old photos of wall work. Any old (or young) walldogs out there? E mail me. Keep HAND lettering alive!!!

    Great work!
    [email protected]

  3. This brought a tear to my eye for all the beautiful, handcrafted ways of doing things that are fading into the past as technology brings as faster, cheaper ways to do almost everything. There is more lost there than any amount of modernity can bring us. There is a richness of tradition and heritage, and – as the project says – “ritual.”

    Beautifully done. Thanks so much for sharing.

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