BMW's Stunning Brand Gesture for the 5 Series

Beautiful, Impactful Brand Story-telling from BMW
BMW stunned Singaporeans with an interactive 3D outdoor brand experience (a first in Asia) to promote its BMW 5 series. They transformed two busy office buildings at Suntec City from a symbol of work, into a symbol of Joy. The expressions and reactions of those who witnessed the brand show are testement to the power of big, bold brand gestures, and their ability to make the right brand impression for BMW.

Love it.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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  1. Great example of a big agency convincing corporate of their grand idea on the side of a building with an amazing production crew but forgetting what the measurable strategy behind it is and how it ties into BMW’s overall business strategy.
    10 of beauty
    10 of creativeness
    2 on what was the reason
    2 on what was the actionable message
    1 on making us think it’s about “joy”
    1 on moving me to buy a BMW

  2. Thanks for your comments Mark – love the passion.
    I think there is a considered strategy here.
    For me this is all about ‘joy’. Check the expression on the faces of the people watching.
    Yes it’s light on actionable message – but that’s the difference between a brand experience and an ad with a sales proposition. I think there’s always room to reinforce a sense of brand without requiring a consumer action at the end of it.
    Finally though, I believe the ‘reason’ is to reinforce to BMW fans (including their existing customers most of all) that their brand is as interesting, innovative and joyous as ever. As a reinforcement of brand loyalty, I think this gesture works well.
    Will it move you to buy a BMW?
    I’d say not, in fact it wont move me to buy one either – but then I was never their market.

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