Brandticipation – Pics of the New Mini Coupé Concept Car.

The very best brands are those that have their differentiation – the thing that grabs the hearts of their customers and wont let go – built right into the product. Apple is a brand renowned for its ability to do just that, with the result being fiercely loyal brand advocates – not just customers. Another brand who take the same approach is Mini. Owned by BMW, Mini understand that the emotional pull in their products is as much in the styling and what’s under the bonnet as it is in the brand messages it builds around its products. Sounds simple – but few brands really live by this credo.

When brands ‘bake’ their differentiation into their products, the release of each new model or innovation can build to what we call ‘brandticipation’. Brandticipation is the heightened sense of anticipation some brands command (create) around the launch of their products. Car makers have released photos of prototype concept vehicles for years in an attempt to build this very sense of excitement about new model releases. Mini is no different in their ‘concept car’ strategy – except that they have the edge in brandticipation, and their new Coupé Concept is a case in point:

The body design of the MINI Coupé Concept also bridges the gap from the earliest days of the Mini’s history all the way to the more distant future of the brand, emphasising the unique nature of the concept as well as its full membership in the MINI family. At the same time the individual and emotional design language arouses the expectation of a particularly thrilling experience on the road.” –

Nice one.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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    • Jane, I agree, the new coupé looks very cool. Aparently there are several new mini’s due to hit the market soon including a new 4 wheel drive version. Hope they all look as good as this one.

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