Dulux’s ‘Walls are Dancing’

Three weeks ago I wrote a blog about Dulux’s stunning ‘Let’s Colour’ Brand Campaign and the Let’s Colour Project – a worldwide community initiative with one goal in mind, to brighten up the world by transforming grey spaces with vibrant colour.

Well the team at Dulux have taken it one step further and created the ‘Walls are Dancing’ Project for Let’s Colour France. This time they are stepping up the colour even more with painting events happening over three weeks. Three artists – MWM (Mural Art), Monsieur Monsieur (Electro DJ), and Le Groupuscule (Film Makers) – have been invited to explore the power of colour in Marseille, Lyon and Paris. During open performances in the street and online they aim to show how colourful paint and the talent of a group of people can actually give
a flat surface a life of its own. At the end of the performances, the three walls will form one unique work of multi-
media art, celebrating the meeting of street art, music and animation around the extraordinary power of colour.

Let’s Colour Marseille

MWM used geometrical shapes of warm hues to colour Marseille and now in Lyon he has mixed it up, opting for fluid shapes and colder colours.

Let’s Colour Lyon

The first two of the three walls in the ‘Walls are Dancing’ Project are complete. The occasions have been marked by erecting plaques with a QR code on each wall. When the videoclip by Monsieur Monsieur is released you will be able to download it for free using the code from your mobile phone. The concept sounds inspiring and I am excited to see the final videoclip celebrating the extraordinary power of colour.

If you’d like to talk to some people who spend way too much of their life eating, sleeping, thinking about the role of colour in brands give us a call.

Cassandra Gill
Director of Design.


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