How to extend your Brand Experience? Ask the butcher!

Vic’s Meat, a standout example of best branding practice has done it again.

We’ve written before about the unique, rich and memorable brand experience that is Victor Churchill, a European-inspired designer shop of carnivorous inspiration in Sydney. Now the owners have developed a website and released an iPhone app, Ask the butcher.

Ask The Butcher - Screen shots

The Ask the Butcher App was created by the super talented guys at Blind Mice Studios.

By creating an ultimate guide to buying and cooking meat they assert themselves as the very pinnacle of meat appreciation, true carnivore connoisseurs. Ask the butcher, answers all your questions about a cut of meat, how to cook it, what recipes to use it in, and then when you get down to cooking gives you a timer with reminders when to turn the meat –keeping your premium cut premium after it’s hit the barbie. The website and app were created for Vic’s by Protein One and Blind Mice Studios.

Ask the Butcher - Screen shots

The interesting thing for me is the constant innovation and brand thinking that is going on behind everything Vic’s Meats do. They are tireless when it comes to exploring new was to promote, extend and reinforce their brands making sure they always stand out in the market. It’s a reminder to all of us, no matter what you do, you need to be constantly looking for new ways to express your brand.

If you’d like to make your business stand-out in its market with a unique brand expression, why not give us a call.

Derek Carroll
Director of Design

Thanks to the guys at Blind Mice Studios for the use of the cool pics of their ask the butcher App.


  1. These guys continue to take a brand-minded approach to standing-out in their market. They’re a great example of how brand can create real differentiated advantage in any market – brand-centric butcher – who’d have thought?

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