In search of missing pieces

I’ve always loved sculpture and bronzes, so I was blown away when I came across the work of  French artist Bruno Catalano. His work in the set ‘In search of missing pieces‘, plays on our ability to visualise the whole object even when we are presented with only part.

For  me this is amazing creativity and more. Not only does the work have visual impact, but the viewer is able to create their own idea of a story behind the work, to imagine what the missing piece might be. I particularly love the sculpture by the ocean – where the location all adds to the richness of the work.

As a creative brand agency, at Truly Deeply we devote a lot of time seeking visual reference with which to inspire the work we do for the brands we represent. Often a single image is just one piece of a jigsaw that we use to define a brand and its brand story, its visual language, look and feel. Look at the pieces below and imagine we are using them to give depth to the visual language of a travel brand or perhaps a refugee rights organisation.

In brand, the visual aspect only provides us cues to the greater meaning/s. In some ways these images represent the part of the brand that is seen, and ironically also represent the ‘brand gap’ that exists for many businesses between the promise of their identity and communications and the reality of their actions. If you’d like to talk to us about how we could add greater depth to your brand and its story why not give us a call.

Malcolm Harvey
Client Experiences Director and Art Lover


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