Snoutlet – Creative Amusery From Brock Davis

Just found this amusing little gem of creative whimmery on the net. It’s by an artist called Brock Davis. He says; “Yesterday I was doing an interview with regarding my recent MSCED exhibit. I was asked to try and make something “cool” during the interview itself. Looking around the room, which was quite sparse, and I didn’t have any ideas. Then I saw this electrical outlet, picked up a marker and…voila, snoutlet!”

Loved it so much we had to share.

Brock David (aka Laser Bread) is an artist and musician who works in a variety of mediums. Professionally, I work as a group creative director and art director for an ad agency in Minneapolis.


  1. Nikolas Allen

    I lived in Minneapolis for many years (in California now), and Brock was one of the big names on the Advertising scene.

    Was fun to stumble across his name again and see this ingenious display of creativity. Well done.

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