Stunning Brand Design from Ecuador's Tame Airlines

How Do You Stand Out When You’re Marketing Tourism?
Stunning scenery,amazing activities and beautiful people located in exotic destinations come standard in the travel industry. So how do you differentiate your brand from the rest of the pack? Through creative brand imagery.

The Fly Ecuador campaign for Tame Airlines is a stunning example of the power of imagery to create evocative, magical brand stories that set the imagination soaring and create emotional connections between customer and business. Created with a theme of flying, the photos combine the people of Ecuador with mystical wings made up of fish, buildings, nets, ships – any evocative symbol of the places they represent. The ads communicate that the perfect Ecuador experience is unique to each customer, and that Tame Airlines gives you the freedom to capture your own unique, magical Ecuadorian travel experience.

Just beautiful.

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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