Big Ideas, not Big Budgets are the Best Way to Make a Big Brand Impression – Part 2

A couple of months ago I posted a blog about the best way to make a big brand impression and what level of budget spend gets you the desired outcome – an outcome that creates a buzz and lot’s of it!

All clients want their brand messaging to make a massive impact, create lots of talk and increase sales far greater than that of the level of dollars invested. It’s the big, oversized, creative ideas that usually create the most buzz but I also like to give credit to the smaller creative ideas that create just as much buzz but on a smaller budget.

For example take a look at this fitness company ad that ran on buses throughout Frankfurt – what a very well thought out, clever and creative concept that everyone would’ve taken notice of and no doubt had a little fun in taking the odd pic.

Another low budget ad that grabbed my attention is this ripper for a local karate school. It’s the simplest of ideas that really do create such an impact and I’m guessing that this could’ve been quite easily thought of and implemented by the owner, a staff member or even student!

The following examples of course all create enormous impact by delivering a bold brand gesture due to their sheer size, creative prowess and ideal positioning in high traffic zones.

Time to switch to Sweetex – this billboard says it all!

A simple head turner from Kinkos.

As the sky changes so does the message for Benjamin Moore Paints – we’ll match it.

One of my favourites – the clever usage of the surrounding environment to really make a bold brand impression.

If you’d like to see your brand communications create a buzz, make your company more dollars and be the talk of the town through the way they connect with your market, why not give us a call.

Dominic Guthrie
Client Account Director


  1. Nikolas Allen

    Fun stuff!

    However, implying that these were all done on Small Budgets ( “…not Big Budgets”) is questionable. I’m sure plenty of small businesses would still suffer sticker-shock when they learned the cost of executing some of these ideas.


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