UK Embrace Safety Video

A Refreshing Take on a Tragic Subject

It’s not often I come across a TV ad that you feel like you should watch again, but the impact of this video is truly amazing. It’s a beautiful example of what a huge dose of creative intelligence can deliver. This driver safety video from Sussex Safer Roads in the UK definitely is one worth watching.

Being based in Melbourne, Victoria, I am used to Victoria’s TAC television blood and guts advertisements. This is¬†definitely¬†a refreshing idea and execution on such a tragic subject.

The power of this ad is set up by the twee scenario, location and cheesy emotionality, then as it progresses it has an emotional impact with the human contact and theater in the storytelling, then the punch comes. It’s a really smart way of showing why you keep yourself safe, the reason why you wear a seat belt is for your loved ones.

Tim Wood
Design Creative


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