Celebrating Random Acts of Creative Obsession

Here at Truly Deeply we celebrate creative obsession in what ever form it takes, from brand design through
to installation art. The other day I came across ‘Staple Art – The making of Ephemicropolis’ by artist
Peter Root.
With patience, vision and a very steady hand, Peter Root arranged over 100.000 staples in a
period of 40 hours. What can I say, some people are obsessed about what they do.

The staple stacks were each broken into different sizes to represent small scale buildings to large skyscrapers.
The whole installation takes up a floor space of about 6m x 3m.


What I really enjoy about this installation by Peter Root is that he had a vision and put it into action.
So many times people come up with ideas only to sit on them – eventually not doing them at all. Such a simple
idea once executed has created something of simple wonder.

Tim Wood
Design Creative and Staple Collector

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