Great Theater = Great Brand Experiences

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Improv Everywhere is a New York based collective that organise and execute awesome acts of street theatre. There brand tag line really describes it best, ‘We Cause Scenes’. Whether it’s a complex set up like the Starwars Subway Car above or the Ghostbusters homage, Who You Gonna Call? or something altogether simpler like High Five Escalator.

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They’re a great reminder how you can build brand presence by bringing your brand alive with theatre and acting locally, thinking globally. By creating local theatre experience with love and devotion and then using the internet to host it for an international audience, Improv Everywhere have shown a way to accomplish it with limited resources or budget.

[youtube wKB7zfopiUA nolink]

Who you gonna call for your brand experience

Derek Carroll
Director of Design


  1. I seriously love the Improv Everywhere work. Imaginative, inspired and check the way everyone films it on their phones and applauds at the end. The High Five Escalator is genuinely day-changing. This is brand design of the highest order.

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