Me/We, creative for creative sake

The great Muhammad Ali was the inspiration behind this project. We were asked to design an invitation to an open studio night we conducted as part of the AGideas Conference. Projects like these give the studio an opportunity to engage in creative, for creative sake. Our audience was predominately design students who spend a lot of time discovering the discourse of design.

Muhammad Ali has been credited with delivering the shortest poem ever. The story goes that he stood up to address students at Harvard University and simply said the words, “Me… We…” It is amazing how powerful two words can be. We recreated Muhammad Ali’s poem to pay homage to the great man and instill a bit of comraderie between our studio and the students of design. We printed the invitation on reflective stock which revealed the reflection of the holder. “Me…”

As the card is flipped over it reveals the completed poem. “We…”

If you would like get creative with us, get in contact.

Lachlan McDougall
Design Creative, for creative sake.


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