An ad waiting to happen

While browsing one of my favourite sites over the weekend I came across this beautifully simple movie.

[youtube 3i-zYdOPG2k nolink]

It’s such a beautiful, simple and unique visual, it’s crying out to be turned into a brand experience. We’re wondering how long before some agency is ‘inspired’ by it and uses the idea for a new campaign. It wouldn’t be the first, many successful, iconic campaigns have been inspired by the works of individuals or artists. Mega brands like Apple and Sony have often been accused of stealing ideas for promotional campaigns. But where does the line between inspiration and plagiarism start? As Oscar said ‘Talent borrows, genius steals’.

Lachie thinks it’s going to be a car brand. I think it’s going to be for a TV brand.
What do you think?

Derek Carroll
Director of Design


  1. You’re right Derek. This imagery is just beautiful – it looks too good to be real – but then it is. I could see this as a piece of brand communication design for Sony TVs – although it’s kind of sad to relate beauty to TV ads.

  2. Certainly this video and its many aspects have a wide possibility of brand connections, but the music, old man making the bubbles, kids chasing the bubbles, and the bubbles disappearing make me think of some financial management company suggesting they can ensure your assets for future generations.

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