How Passionate are your Brand Fans? – Hyped-up brand loyalty for Wendy's

When it comes to brand loyalty, few expressions are more powerful than customer testimonials. These days customers express their feelings towards brands through a multitude of on-line forums that are not only more prolific, but require such little effort as to encourage a king-tide of sentiment, positive and negative. Occasionally we come cross an expression of brand loyalty so passionate it leaps from the flood of customer opinion – this brief customer review is one of those. The authenticity of this brand rant by Chris from Waltham, MA in the States is so rich with natural passion and verve I can almost taste it. Pity the girls working the friers weren’t on the same bus.

Which gets me to wondering:
• How many brand set their customer loyalty expectations this high?
• How much brand leverage could any organization get off-the-back of this level of passionate brand endorsement? and
• What are they doing (if anything) to create such remarkable brand experiences for their customers and clients?

David Ansett, Brandamentalist
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