Kelvin Natural Slush Co. – Small Brand Big Personality

Following on from our post ‘Coffee Avenue – A Great Brand Experience on Wheels’Kelvin Natural Slush Co., the brainchild of yet another corporate refugee turned foodie entrepreneur, just recently hit the streets
in NYC, offering a more sophisticated version of a childhood favorite — the slushie.

In an effort to adultify the slushie experience, this premium, all natural brand offers “more sophisticated,
less sweet” flavours like Spicy Ginger, Tangy Citrus, and Green & Black Tea, to which you add any number of fresh-fruit purées…and to really take it to a dessert-worthy beverage add a scoop of ice cream for a slushie float.
They also apparently make good mixers, but you’ll have to supply your own booze.

Everything about Kelvin (the name comes from the Kelvin temperature scale, in which absolute zero is the coldest
you can get) is a great example of how small brands can be big on personality – Are all your Kelvin employees really trained ninjas who have traded in their ninja masks and killer ways for a life of peace, safety and slushies?
Yes. This is absolutely true.

Kelvin is currently making its way around Manhattan so for more information and for truck location updates,
visit Kelvin on Facebook and follow them onTwitter.

Brain freeze just got a little more fun.

If you’d like to talk to some people who spend way too much of their life eating, sleeping, thinking about brands
give us a call.

Cassandra Gill
Director of Design.


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