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Creative Brand Design Collaboration with a Capital C
In what may be a first for creative and style collaboration, shoe brand Sebago have teamed with uber-cool shoe designer Ronnie Fieg from David Z and a pack of the most influential fashion/style bloggers to create a new range of custom shoes with a wonderfully, rich, socially-loaded brand experience.


The Nexus Project celebrates the collaborative spirit, of Ronnie Fieg and a select group of influential style bloggers, who have teamed with Sebago to design a series of ten custom shoes. Fieg and some of the most influential bloggers including Marcus Troy, Jake Davis, Greg Weinstein of Culture Shoq, William Yan, and Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette experienced a complete immersion at Sebago’s Dominican Republic Facility where they shot this trailor for the Sebago collection. Designs include individual takes on the several of Sebago’s styles such as Docksides, Lighthouse boot as well as other exclusive Nexus styles.

“Ronnie has a well-known history of putting together great collaborations,” said Gary Malamet, Sebago’s general manager. “We’ve worked with him many times in the past with success. When he came to us with this project, we knew we had a chance to develop something completely fresh. In this day of collaborations, and the unstoppable power of blogs, we felt the combination of the two was unprecedented”.

Sebago worked with the bloggers and Fieg and took them to the manufacturing plant in the Dominican Republic, bringing in representatives of some of the world’s best tanneries and various suppliers to pore through leathers, colors, finish details and more to select materials for each custom shoe. Each participant in turn went through the process of creating their shoe by hand with the team of master craftsmen at Sebago. Processes included soaking and heating the leathers and finally stitching the shoes together – a seven hour project for each shoe – furnishing the bloggers with the kind of brand experience that provides plenty of rich material for the brand storytelling to-come.

Nexis brand design project

Throughout the summer of 2010, a limited run of 48 pairs will be created of each Nexus style. The shoes will be available exclusively at David Z’s flagship store in New York as well as Bloggers will each bring their own angle and story to their blogs to communicate the Nexus Project. The entire collaboration was filmed by Jake Davis on location in the Dominican Republic. The heady combination of cool-cred designer and social savvy influential bloggers have provided a wonderful shot in the arm for Sebago’s brand and corporate image.

The News Makers Become the News
This collaboration breaks with the traditional approach by including this new generation of fashion media influencers in the process. As the line blurs between fashion designer and fashion commentator we find ourselves somewhere in the murky waters of reality TV pop star programs where the power of the media is blending with the art of the creator. Is this another example of those who have the power exercising it to live out the designer dream that they never had the talent to pursue in the first place? Before fashion and shoe designers around the world throw their hands in the air in despair, I think it’s worth waiting to taste the proof in the pudding. The thing about creative collaborations is that they can bear some unusually tasty fruit – and in this case, with designer Ronnie Fieg steering the project from its inception – the shoe designs may well be inspirational. That being the case, Sebago will have both a great range, and a fully engaged swarm of bloggarazi ready to influence the fashion masses. This just might be game, set and match to Ronnie F and the guys at Sebago as they team up to show us how to create collaborative brand magic New School style.

Nexis brand designers

nexis brand design

nexis brand designers

Each blogger will have their own trailer that can be seen on their respective websites. Check out each bloggers trailer throughout the release of this project:,,,,,

At Truly Deeply we just love creative collaborations. If you’d like to get all collaborative with us in order to make your brand stand out from the pack, why not get in touch – we’d love to connect.

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