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About AGDA
The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) is the national organisation for professional graphic designers. The goal of AGDA is the establishment of fair and productive working relationships between graphic designers and their clients. AGDA does this by providing designers with the tools and information to take control of their professional lives. AGDA also works on increasing awareness of the value and importance of graphic design in business, education and culture. An awareness event that AGDA runs is an AGDA Poster Annual competition.

Here at Truly Deeply we love quickly putting together creative idea based outputs, so I was keen to submit something.

The AGDA Poster Annual
The key objective for the AGDA Poster Annual is to promote graphic design to the Australian public. The background, brief and objective for this years annual was as follows:

Designers must think strategically in the current competitive business environment. They must work closely with their clients to produce significant and effective design outcomes, challenging the paradigm that the role of the designer is simply to provide a visual response to a brief.

Through good design process and the ability to identify meaningful solutions to design problems, designers have an impact on business and society that goes beyond the aesthetic. The outcomes of the recent Aspen Design Summit demonstrate the manner in which designers can contribute to finding resolutions to some of the world’s social problems and shaping the future direction of our society.

From graphic design’s earliest beginnings the poster has been an influential tool. Advances in technology and printing techniques have meant that the poster has become a powerful medium for the dissemination of propaganda to the masses. Today however, the work of the graphic designer is so much a part of our everyday lives, so ingrained, that its influence can often seem invisible and we take it all for granted.

In the changing media landscape, where communicators must keep up with the consumer’s ever-evolving and selective media intake, we must play a role as an industry and position our profession for the future.

The Brief
In 2010, during Icograda Design Week in Brisbane, we have the opportunity as an industry to break stereotypes and show the Australian public that we are creative communicators, design thinkers, and that we belong to a profession that is a positive contributor to the economy and a catalyst for social change.

Following the Design Week theme of Optimism, the 2010 AGDA Poster Annual asks you to challenge the notion that design is only about beautiful things and show that design has a greater value and it is in this value that design can effect real change.

The Objective
To promote the role of graphic design as a key driver for business innovation, thought leadership and cultural change.

Here is my response and submitted poster:

I’m Change

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ Gandhi’s profound words ring so true to me when it comes to ‘climate change’. There is a tendency for people to speak of climate change in the third person, as if it is someone’s problem.

Enter the designer. Create a poster that communicates in a compelling manner that combating climate change is a personal responsibility, not someone else’s. The idea = a poster with my face on it declaring to the world that I am personally responsible for the change required. A new poster should then be created for every individual wishing to step up to the mark when it comes to climate change. If Gandhi was a designer it is exactly what he would design (yes, perhaps with a more handsome face…but then again that would not be personal!)

Please go and have a look at the other great submissions made by other Australian designers. Make sure you view my poster and vote for it!

Tim Wood
Design Creative


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