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The Sock is the humblest of clothing items and yet it plays such a crucial role in our lives. It hides away inside one of our most expensive, and for many people most important, possessions – the shoe, but where would those $400 shoes be without their buddies the sock bros. I grew up  fighting with 3 siblings to get to the sock draw first and avoid the socks with the holes. I learned that an inferior sock can leave you uncomfortable, frustrated and feeling less human than those around you. A good sock can make you feel like you are walking 10 feet tall.

As a Pom I don’t recall  Holeproof until I came to Australia. But 10 years on, and many Holeproof purchases later, I’m a fan. The current TV ads for the Holeproof Explorer demonstrates why  – a simple message delivered in a wonderfully engaging way.

An average Aussie guy is in the African plains hunting and dancing with bushmen, perfectly at one with them, wearing only loin cloth and a pair of HoleProof Explorers. When he gets to the end of the day and takes off  his socks he wakes to the reality of where he is and calls his mate – on a building site somewhere in Australia ‘I’ve done it again…I think I’m in Africa’  he cheerfully confesses.

[youtube O6bNCo_SNEk nolink]
This ad says everything you could ever need to know about the brand and the product, and it does it all with a smile.  Think Holeproof  Explorer and you think, strong and durable yet comfortable, Trust Holeproof – it does what it says on the label!

At Truly Deeply we love such effective creative execution of brand strategy because that’s exactly what we do, day in day out, for our clients. If you’d like to explore ways in which we might help bring your brand strategy to life why not give us a call.

Malcolm Harvey

Brand fanatic and sock user


  1. Thank you for the blog Mal, it has stirred a great idea in my mind that I wish to share only with a ‘sock brand owner’. I started writing about the idea but then thought why share it with such a vast readership, more value to be had by getting a sock manufacturer to run with it. Sorry for being so obscure!

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