Music video as online brand experience

In what can only be described as an online experience, Chris Milk, Arcade Fire and Google have created an experimental interactive music video. The Wilderness Downtown, as it’s called, is a marvel well worth watching all the way through. You’ll need Google Chrome (or maybe Safari 5) for it to work, as it’s all created in HTML5. It’s a wonderful way to get people to download Google’s new browser, demonstrate the abilities of it, promote the band, their song and show the possibilities of an emerging web standard. All in all a stand out multi brand experience.

Check it out here. Read all about it here.
I discovered it via TPUTH, another daily haunt of mine.

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Derek Carroll
Director of Design


  1. Woooah – that’s a pretty cool experience. Looks like we’ve hit the intersection where entertainment (music video) hits personal interaction weaving it into a very personal brand interaction. The potential for rich and evocative brand communication design is blowing my mind right now.

  2. Thanks D’….the images of home are hardwired and seeing them leap from the screen in that way was enormously powerful. I guess my ultimate personal brand is tied up with the small Warwickshire village I grew up in and the values I learned there….and it’s the same for wherever you call home.

  3. What an awesome way to build upon Arcade Fire’s just released album, The Suburbs. I love the way this ties in with concept of music being the soundtrack to our lives. It’s almost like it creates a memory that never existed.

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